Frank Frisch

Baseball Player, Manager, and Member of Baseball Hall of Fame

Photo Gallery

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1. One of the great switch-hitters of baseball history, Frisch had a .316 batting average for nineteen major league seasons. 2. Dizzy Dean, Branch Rickey, and Frankie Frisch sharing a laugh in spring training.
3. Frankie Frisch (1927-37, manager 1933-38), The Fordham Flash batted over .300 seven times for the Redbirds. 4. Frankie Frisch ripping one in spring training.
5. Wearing a different sort of uniform are Dizzy Dean (left) and Frankie Frisch doing the banquet circuit in the winter of 1934. 6. A jubilant St. Louis greeting its pennant winners in a victory parade on September 27, 1930. Gabby Street (in hat) and Frankie Frisch are in the lead car.
7. It's a bang-bang play at second as Frisch nails Philadelphia's Mickey Cochrane trying to steal.  Shortstop Charley Gelbert is watching the action as umpire Cy Rigler makes the call.  The play occurred in the first inning of Game I of the 1930 World Series. 8. An injured Dizzy Dean is helped by teammates after breaking up a double play in the 1934 World Series.  Frank Frisch is shown kneeling behind Dizzy.
9. Frank Frisch and Ol' Diz embrace following the final game victory of the 1934 World Series. 10. The Fordham Flash taking his base the way he does best!
11. The famous Gashouse Gang of St. Louis in 1934. 12. Old Sportsmans Park after construction.
13. Changing of the Guard: Shortly before Frank Frisch succeeded Gabby Street as manager in July, 1933, the once good friends huddled, obviously reserved in their feelings. Typically, the Flash's hat sits high, flat-topped.